The Weirdest Wrestling Toy Ever?

by Squeak Dudley

It may be the kept secret in wrestling podcasting that I love collecting wrestling toys. Ok so it obviously not a secret but it’s something that has stuck with me since I was a kid. I still have my collection of 90’s JAKKS figures and am constantly on the lookout for vintage toys at specialty stores and thrift shops.

Even just picked up a brand new Revival battle pack this past weekend a local thrift shop for just 5 bucks! Low key brag.

I guess what I’m saying is I have seen a lot of toys over the years…Some that make me want to drop all the money (see any of the mattel elite figures) and some that make me wonder if the person who approved it is still with the company. Because there have been some absolutely baffling releases over the years.

Some of the more puzzling toys I had as a kid always seemed to include the wrestlers branching off from what their gimmick was into some sort of action figure knock off or caricature.

For instance the S.T.O.M.P series that ran from 97-98 had some crazy mash-up toys.

Looking at those above you’d think they were some knock off GI Joe action figures. Nay my friends, wrestling.

So lets get to the point, in the 20+ years of casually collecting wrestling figures there is one line that stands heads and shoulders above the rest as the most baffling…You likely already know what it is but if you don’t i’ll introduce you to it with this actual commercial:

Yes. The yodeling is in the original commercial.

So these toys came out in the late 90’s and had the selling point of being able to perspire with water you would inject into them. Who doesn’t want their wrestling toy to be slick? The lineup was not helped by the fact that the wrestlers were disturbingly disproportioned and some (looking at you Road Dogg) didn’t even resemble the wrestler they were modeled after.

Slide through the pictures below to get a better idea…

Unfortunately I do not have any of these figures in my collection but maybe someday I will be lucky enough to find one in a bargain bin bring it home and test out its sweating capabilities…who knows, maybe its awesome!

Until that day these will continue to be the weirdest wrestling toys i’ve ever seen.

Stay Jaded.

Squeak Dudley

Jaded Jobber