Fastlane 2019: Highs and Lows (and Grade)


What is up everybody! Here we are the day after we had an absolutely crazy night of wrestling at Fastlane. I don’t know about you all but I have to say that it may go down as one of the sleeper hits of 2019. I know what you are saying…dude you always get so carried away, but at this point it’s part of my brand.

Wild and reckless you may say…

So for a show that could have EASILY phoned it in and done business as usual but decided to light it up. The show was full of just good old wrestling fun. So lets call out a few high points….and maybe one low.


The Fatal Four Way US title match.

What can be said about this without going spot for spot? Not only was this match completely thrown together via Twitter mere hours before the event but we actually removed the Andrade vs. Rey match to get it. We had some absolutely fantastic spots including Rey giving a hurricanrana to Andrade as he sat atop R-Truth's shoulders…(dude is timeless). Overall fantastic match.

The Return of Mustafa Ali


Though he may not have gotten the heroes welcome we think he deserves we did get Mustafa Ali making a suprise return to the WWE championship match with Daniel Bryan and Kevin Owens. He appears to be right back in fighting form.

The Shield Ride off into the Sunset

The Shield have been back together for all of a couple weeks and they got to close out the show. What started off as a slow and at times “raw like” match quickly became a chaotic and emotional blast. By the end we got to see the shield ride off into the sunset one last time. Until the next “last” time.


Whatever Happened To Kofi.

Last night early in the show Vince was shown talking to Kofi backstage. After some convincing from the New Day, Vince agreed to give Kofi a shot at the title tonight! The match was next! So Kofi made his way to the ring and was given the old bait and switch from Vinnie Mac as The Bar came out and destroyed him.

I understand that we will probably get Kofi against Bryan at Wrestlemania and it’s going to be awesome. But in the moment as an isolated incident this was a low point of the show. Maybe I’m just bitter that we haven’t gotten #kofimania yet?

Overall: 4/5 Steves

This show was way better than any of us saw coming. There was far more good than bad and it is an excellent start to the road to wrestlemania.

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