RIP Brian Christopher


It has been just a little over a week now since the untimely passing of Brian Christopher, or as we knew him growing up "Grandmaster Sexay" (a member of the team Too Cool) and its been bittersweet looking back.

Growing up as a kid watching him come out with Too Cool and dance was always a bright spot on RAW or Smackdown (something missing these days) . Hell, I still could probably do the dance routine (not well) if the music popped up on Spotify. Their in ring performances were vastly underrated as well...upon going back and watching some old Too Cool matches this past week it's easy to forget just how incredibly over Too Cool had gotten at their height.

The memories to pull from are vast but their brief dance party during the 2000 Royal Rumble is probably one of my favorites. 

I didn't know Brian Christopher (obviously) neither did I follow him extensively outside his tenure with WWE, but he did have an impact on me as a kid. That's why I just wanted to take a moment today for the Jobbers to bid farewell to a guy that definitely brightened our lives. 

RIP GrandMaster.

-Squeak Dudley