New Years Resolution Check In

Here we are, Friday morning right before this amazing weekend of wrestling we have in front of us. I just poured my first cup of coffee and am ready to kick some ass or... attempt to.

So lets get to it, This Saturday (tomorrow) we have NXT TakeOver: Brooklyn 4...running a tight ship of 5 matches (Here's looking at you SummerSlam- and your 6 hour run time #toomuch). Of course the following day we have the biggest party of the summer! SummerSlam! We can't wait to make tons of food, drink beer, and chat with you guys! 

However before we do that I was thinking back to our first episode of the year (Ep 14 - New Years Resolutions) where we took some time and put down some fantasy booking on what we wanted to happen this year...Well 8 months has gone by and its time to check in on if anything we spoke about had come without further ado lets dive in!

Mal Venus Resolution: Charlotte and Bobby Roode team up and go on a tear. Bonus if they were a heel team.


STATUS: Now this tag team did happen for the mixed match challenge...but at the time of our recording that had been announced. Our very own Mal-Venus was hoping it would be a long tenured combo team, and although it is alluded to occasionally, the team was disbanded shortly after the mixed match challenge. This could have been hampered by Charlotte's injury (a bit of a stretch) and there is still time left in the year...the likelihood of this happening is low.

Matty No-Chin: Wanted to see the Revival win the tag team championships.


STATUS: Given that they had a rough start when they joined the main roster due to injury...they finally seem to be positioned to make a run at being tag champions. They have a shot this weekend against the B-Team and all signs are pointing to them finally earning the spot they should have had when they debuted on the roster. The likelihood of this happening is very likely.

Squeak Dudley: Wanted Elias to have a program with Jericho that culminated in a King of the Ring finals match.


STATUS: Although we did get a brief showdown on RAW25 between Elias and Chris Jericho that kept this dream alive briefly...this is unlikely to happen before the end of the year (if at all). Given that Chris Jericho is a current NJPW title holder and soon to be embarking on his wrestling cruise (seriously sad I can't go) it doesn't seem likely his schedule would support a WWE run let alone with Elias...Also this resolution requires that the King of the Ring PPV would need to come back. Which lets be honest, is unlikely. The likelihood of this happening is nonexistent.

So there you have it...Our very own Matty No-Chin is the clear winner thus far, but you know what folks? There is 4 months left in the year and in the WWE...anything can happen.

thanks for swinging by and until next time...stay jaded.

-Squeak Dudley