The WWE Needs a Hall of Fame museum

The WWE has been around since 1952 and has launched professional wrestling from regional territories into the spectacle seen all around the world today. So it goes without saying that the company is going to have an illustrious history, one that deserves celebrating. No objection here. To commemorate the achievements of the athletes throughout the years the WWE began inducting wrestlers into their “Hall of Fame.” The first inductee being Andre the Giant on an episode of RAW back in 1993 shortly after his passing. Since then the ceremony has become an annual event that takes place the Friday before Wrestlemania, or at least it has for the last 13 years.

Since then the event has been a great launching pad for the WWE to showcase the stars of yesterday (see: Ultimate Warrior, Sting, Bruno Sammartino). With cases like Sting it often times doesn’t even have to be a wrestler that spent much time (if any) with the WWE. This lends the credibility of the WWE Hall of Fame being a moment for the industry as a whole to recognize talent regardless of where they spent their career. Maybe a stretch but hang with me.

Now if you consider yourself a sports fan in general you have quite a few museums you can visit. Like Baseball? Pack your bags and head to Cooperstown, New York. Can’t get enough Football? Time to plan a trip to Canton, Ohio. Or if Basketball is something you’ve always loved head over to Springfield, Massachusetts…You get the point.

For all of us wrestling fans there is currently no WWE museum honoring our sport (Yeah I said sport). This is actually kind of baffling given that Vince McMahon is so consumed with appearing legitimate. From the in ring interviews now-a-days (a la UFC) to the pre/post PPV talk shows (seriously anything on ESPN). But to some they fail to cement the importance of their history. Now not all is lost, there have been talks about building a brick and mortar location for years now- with most notable being Shane McMahon who in a statement said:

WWE had been storing wrestling memorabilia in a warehouse for years, with all items categorized and dated in case a facility is created. (source:

It is genuinely nice to see that it has at least been considered. Given the amount of memorabilia the WWE must have locked away it leaves open the possibility to have a location that would be truly special for WWE and wrestling fans.

If money is of concern (when is it not) would the WWE be able to open a small section at their corporate headquarters in Stamford,CT and open it to the public for a small charge?

Looks Spacious!!

Looks Spacious!!

This is hardly the most pressing issue in the world today…or even in WWE…but I long for a day when my buddies and I can make a trip to a museum dedicated the rich and fun history of the WWE.

What are your thoughts?

Until next time…stay jaded.