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A Jaded Jobber Birthday: Year One!


What up everybody! We have officially made it to our 1st year and you are invited to our 1st year birthday party! To celebrate we took a second to look back on some moments that made us laugh this past come down memory lane with us!

Also wanted to thank everyone who has listened and engaged with us this first year, its been an incredibly fun time and we can wait for year 2!

Ep 56 - Elias Hits A Nerve, Charlotte Throws A Mic, and Neville Returns!


What up everybody we are back with a brand new episode breaking down the week including a breakdown from our very own Papi Toast on how RAW was live! As it was in our hometown of Seattle this week. We also discuss Neville returning to Dragongate and touch on other big moments this week.

For our match of the week we went back in time to Super Brawl 2 from 1992 and watched The Steiners vs. Arn Anderson and Bobby Eaton.

All this and more, so come along for the ride and of course...stay jaded.

Ep 55 - The Week Was Long…Thank God For Wrestling.


The title says it all this week. It was a long week but thank god for wrestling. We breakdown everything that happened this week and really try to stay on the rails.

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