Meet the Jobbers:


The one and only Mal-Venus is our Senior Audio/Video producer. The mastermind not only behind our sound levels but also those well timed sound drops. He is the Jaded Executive Chef and has his own weekly segment "Heart On" of the week. If this Podcast were a hamburger...Mal-Venus would be our secret sauce.

Big Papi

The one and only Big Papi is the Executive Liason Officer (ELO) for the Jaded Jobbers. Ensuring that not only are we the in the loop with all the local happenings but breaking news to us routinely. A vital asset to our podcast.

Matty No Chin

Our resident Subject Matter Expert. Matty No Chin helps keep our bullshit to a tolerable level. Reeling us in whenever we go off the rails or are in desparate need of a Gangrel Grenade.

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Squeak Dudley

Our Social Media Director. Squeak Dudley is the man behind our social media presence. He's got a love of wrestling action figures that he is sharing with the world. He is also an avid AJ Styles fan and won't stop talking about it if you ask him. You've been warned.