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About The Jobbers:

Lets start at the beginning. All four of us have been friends for over 20 years. We grew up together in Washington and our first unanimous love was professional wrestling. Specifically the World Wrestling Federation (WWF). We fell in love with the WWF during the mid 1990’s when wrestling was beginning to enter the Attitude era and its mainstream height. During that time we spent many a recess at school trying to replicate the stunner or choke slam. It was all consuming. Every rivalry, every match, every PPV. It was real to us damnit. But alas, Right around Wrestlemania 17 (when Stone Cold infamously shook Vince’s hand) we all began to walk away (minus Papi Toast, who has been watching consistently since 1997…the beast). Our attention started focusing on working up courage to talk to women. We never forgot about wrestling as over the years we would check in every once in a while but never with the fervor of before.

That was until Wrestlemania 28. When we all took notice that the Rock was going to be facing John Cena in the main event. It was being booked at the time (we should have known better) as “Once in a Lifetime.” We had to order this little slice of nostalgia right? Well we all sat down and started to watch Wrestlemania for the first time in years. As each match went by we began to slowly remember why we had loved wrestling so much as kids. After that we began to feel that old familiar itch again…RAW and Smackdown found their way back into our weekly routine and before we knew it we were making every PPV a chance for us to get together and drink beer and have fun.

We eventually agreed (like most groups of friends) that we were too funny to withhold from the world. So we agreed the format to share our passion for wrestling would be a podcast. Over the next six months we slowly started to accumulate all the tools needed to begin a podcast. With our powers combined on October 07, 2017 we published our first episode and began our journey into the podcasting world.

Now we have been at it for one year and we don’t plan on slowing down. This second year is going to be big for us. We are looking at improving our gear (we are working to fix volume) and video streaming is in our sights. So stay with us as we keep going on this journey.

And as always…Stay Jaded.